Principal’s Message

Message from Principal

On behalf of everyone in the school, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our students!

At Victoria Eduhub we strive to provide a friendly, caring and nurturing environment for our students to study in.

With close to 20 years of accumulated teaching experiences, we have developed a set of unique teaching methods, and with a professional team of qualified, passionate and dedicated teachers, together these have achieved high pass rates over the years.

A specially designed curriculum based on years of experience and our small classes that ensure personal attention will prove to be vital for academic success at all levels.

We also have professional and caring staff with just and fair service ethics that will tend to the
students’ welfare. They will provide assistance in non-academic areas and in student counselling, to help students to adapt to the new environment so as to focus best in their studies.

We look upon every student as a valued and unique individual. And our commitment to quality education is of utmost importance. We will help lay the foundation for the success of our students.

Janet Jin