Our Strategic Intent

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to develop the next generation of leaders, innovators and changemakers who will make their own positive contributions to society in their fields of interest.


Our mission is to provide a multi-disciplinary, values based, and experiential education that will extend far beyond the classroom based on the values of service excellence, trust, respect, discipline, innovation, and resilience.


Values Statement

Service Excellence – providing excellent customer service means going the extra mile in making sure our students are happy and satisfied with out services. It also involves providing service to a student in a timely, pleasant manner.


Trust and Respect – we endeavour to cultivate a system of trust and mutual respect among students, teachers, staff, management, and parents. This is the basis of a successful and nurturing environment that will encourage our students to achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives.


Discipline – the system of trust inspires in our students the need to focus on their endeavours, be it academic, sporting, cultural, or personal with consistency and discipline. The trust that is invested in our students on the part of the teachers, staff, management and parents is meant to be reciprocated by the individual’s effort through a disciplined and responsible work ethic.


Innovation – through a holistic education supplemented by real-world experiences we hope to nurture in our students the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century global environment and to cultivate life-long learners. We will incorporate the latest technology in the delivery of our lessons and in the carrying out of assignments. We will also adopt a learner-centred approach that is meant to instil in each student the need for constant self-improvement and independent learning through research and self-reflection.


Resilience – we set high expectations for our students in order to challenge them to break personal boundaries and exceed expectations. At Victoria Eduhub, we seek to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, academic, sporting and cultural excellence. The demands and rigor of the holistic and well-rounded curriculum is meant to develop a spirit of resilience and adaptability that will help them do well in today’s fast changing global society.