Feedbacks / Grievance Policy

Feedbacks / Grievance Policy

Victoria Eduhub believes that feedback and resolved grievances help improve its product and service quality. Positive feedback and grievances on staff, delivery, learning support, pastoral care and student welfare and student needs where legitimate reinforces our service quality and our commitment to put the student as our focus and even above organizational benefits.


Guiding Principles 

Victoria Eduhub handles student feedback and any grievances according to the following guiding

  • Informal management of feedback (minor problem) will be attempted before escalation
    to Grievance or  Written Grievance (major problem) where possible;
  • Student feedback / grievances will be addressed as close as possible to the source of
    student dissatisfaction;
  • Feedback will be resolved expeditiously, on-the-spot, if possible while written grievances
    or major issues will be resolved within 21 days;
  • Due regard for confidentiality. Students should feel secure in the knowledge that they
    will not suffer any form of disadvantage as a result of making a complaint.
  • Feedback / grievance channels (including request for interview, Student Satisfaction
    Forms, verbal and written complaints) and the support available to students will be widely
    publicised to facilitate access to the grievance resolution process.


Student Complaint / Grievance Resolution Procedure


Feedbacks and Grievance Procedures

  1. Student could feedback or complaint to school through student satisfaction form, feedback form, calls, emails, etc.
  2. Feedback forms are readily available at the school’s reception counter.
  3. School will acknowledge feedback or complaint received.
  4. School will evaluate whether the feedback or complaint is valid.
  5. School will investigate into feedback or complaint.
  6. School will resolve issues and/or take necessary action within 21 days.
  7. School will inform the student about the action taken by the school.
  8. If they do not accept the results, refer them to CPE, Small Claims Tribunal, Singapore Mediation Centre or Singapore Institute of Arbitrator.