Preparatory Course for Cambridge International A-Level

Preparatory Course for Cambridge International A-Level

Cambridge International Advanced Levels (A Levels) are subject-based qualifications usually taken in the final two years of high school. Assessment takes place at the end of each programme. The syllabuses are international in outlook but retain a local relevance. They have been created specifically for an international student body with content to suit a wide variety of schools and avoid cultural bias. The contexts or examples used in syllabuses and exam question papers are culturally sensitive in an international context. Offered since 1951, these qualifications are administered by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a part of the University of Cambridge.

Victoria Eduhub designed the programme Preparatory Course for Cambridge International A-Level to prepare students for the Cambridge International (Advanced Level) Examination conducted by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and to provide them with the knowledge and skillset necessary in their pursuit of higher education.


Subject Offered

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Course Duration and Commencement Period

Full Time Students

The course duration is 24 months. Classes will be 5 days a week, 6 hours a day.

Course Admission Requirements

Age Required:
Minimum 16 years old

Qualifications Required
Have equivalent of Middle School of O Level; Have passed equivalent of Middle School English Language or O Level English Language

Mode of Delivery
  • Low Teacher-Student Ratio (1:15)
  • Classroom Lectures, Tutorials, Discussion, Self-Directed Learning
  • Full Time

Note: Courses are conducted according to the latest syllabuses specified by the Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Mode of Assessment

Internal Assessment
Internal Summative Assessments are conducted four (4) times in a year as specified in the table below. Monthly Tests are conducted as part of formative assessments. Cambridge International Grading System is used to mark all assessments.

Summative Assessment Type Components Schedule of assessments
Overall Weightage Component Weightage Examination Assignments3 Examination Assignments (Period Covered)
Continual Assessment 1 20% 50% 85% 15% End of August July - August
Continual Assessment 2 50% 85% 15% End of February January - February
Mid-Year Assessment 20% 70% 30% Mid of November September - November
Year-End Assessment/ Prelims 60% 100% - End of March -
Total 100%
  1. School Year is from July of the current year to June of the following year.  ( i.e., July 2021 - June 2022)
  2. The above assessments compose the main summative assessments of the programme Preparatory Course for Cambridge International A-Level
  3. Assignments represent designated homework, individual or group in-class activities, projects that require formal setting and marking by the subject teacher

Grading System

Grade Range Description
A* 90 - 100 Distinction
A 80 - 89 Excellent
B 70 - 79 Very Good
C 60 - 69 Good
D 50 - 59 Borderline
E 40 - 49 Unsatisfactory
U 0 - 39 Ungraded

External Assessment

Students will take the Cambridge International AS and A Level Examinations (CIE A-Level) after completion of the programme. Cambridge International will post the examinations schedule on its website each year.

For more details, please refer to Cambridge Assessment International Education Official Website,

Examination Result Release Date:

Examination results are released no later than three (3) months after the final assessment.

Course Completion

The maximum allowed period for a student to complete the course is 30 months. Student is not entitled to a refund if student fails to complete the programme within the stipulated maximum allowed period for student to complete the course.

Requirement for Class Commencement

Victoria Eduhub reserves the right to refrain from commencing the course if the minimum number of students is not met. Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course will apply. The school will commence a class with a minimum number of one (1) student.

Type of Qualification

Cambridge International GCE A Level Certificate will be awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education to successful candidates of the GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations.

Chargeable Fees

The three (3) types of fee chargeable by Victoria Eduhub are

1. Application Fee

A one-time application fee is non-refundable.
Payment modes: Cash, Cheque, Fund transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, Cashier's order.
Payable to: Victoria Eduhub Pte Ltd

2. Course Fees

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) has regulatory provisions and requirements to protect course fees that are payable by students who are enrolled in a private education institution (PEI).
Victoria EDUHUB subscribes to these regulatory provisions and requirements in its collection of fees from full-time students.
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Fee collection schedule is as indicated in individual student's contract.
The course fee is refundable and will be subjected to Victoria Eduhub refund policy.
Payment modes: Cash, Cheque, Fund transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, Cashier's order.
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3. Miscellaneous Fees
It is not all items are applicable for all students.
Payment modes: Cash, Cheque, Fund transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, Cashier's order.
Note: Miscellaneous fee will not be protected under the Fee Protection Scheme.
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Payment modes: Cash, Cheque, Fund transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, Cashier’s order.

Payable to: Victoria Eduhub Pte Ltd

Bank Account Detail:

Name of Bank: DBS BANKName of Account: VICTORIA EDUHUB PTE LTD

Account Number: 106-900-875-1

Students who wish to register for this course should also visit the Committee for Private Education website for more information about choosing a PEI and advisory note to students.